Dean Russo • The Indelible Dog Project

The future of Dean Russo is The Indelible Dog Project. The Indelible Dog Project uses artwork to give back to the rescue community, a model that Dean has been using for almost 20 years. Please visit the main Dean Russo website at to purchase Indelible Dog art and to submit your pup for consideration.


About The Artist

About Dean Russo

Dean Russo with Dog

Inspired by his love of dogs and the urban landscape in which he was born, raised, and still calls home, pop artist Dean Russo of Brooklyn, NY creates vibrant, colorful animal portraits as vivid and unique as our pets’ personalities.

Using a minimum of 10 mediums per painting, Dean’s art includes everything from pastels, oils, pencils, wax, and charcoal to sharpies, spray cans, liquid acrylics, and more. In addition to his rich use of mixed media and bold graphic style, what makes Dean’s portraits most striking is his uncanny ability to look into the eyes of a cat or dog and capture their expressiveness on canvas.